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~~ Revs David and Dolores

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Sunday, July 21, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6012379 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Thank you I got called by email regarding my application to volunteer at the nearby hospital. I have my orientation in 2 weeks. Thank you for your prayers

praise report posted on 2/7/2013

I thank and praise God for keeping me employed and sustaining me until now and I'm confident that He will continue to provide now that that job has ended. Praise God!

allforjesuslove@live.com posted on 2/6/2013

I Praise Jesus! I've Suffered Major Injustices Where I've Called Out To Jesus In Prayer. On Both Occassions Jesus Miracously Resolved The Situations. I Am In Awe! I Bear Testimony That God Is Just And Sees When His People Suffer Wrongly. I Praise God The Father, God The Son And God The Holy Spirit. Praise God! Hallelujah!!!

reachingouttoany@live.com posted on 2/3/2013

I thank and praise God because He prevents me from high blood pressure, heart problems or other health failures. My blood pressure was high this week. I kept trying to order food online. Each time my internet window would close. I finally realized the Holy Ghost was protecting me from increasing my blood pressure. Praise God. Another time I ordered hot sauce and the restaurant forgot to put the hot sauce on the food. I then again realized it was the Holy Spirit protecting me. Another time the restaurant made a mistake and put hot sauce on the food without my request. The Holy Spirit moved the restaurant manager to realize my "plain" food order and to remake the order "plain" without me ever asking him to do so. Praise God!!! I praise God because my health was failing and I needed time off from work. I prayed that I didnt loose my job. I was told that "things are slow" and my hours have been reduced. Although I need the money I also need Quality time with God. That's when my health and energy are at its best. God always provides my NEEDS and my bills are being paid. Praise God. I know with a certainty that He will take care of whatever is a NEED (Matthew 6:25-34). Praise God! Bless His Holy Name!!! I praise God that He broke the barrier of the legal matter that wrongly confronted me! Prasie God! The Truth Has Come Out!!! Praise God!!! I praise God for the health, favor, and blessings upon me and my family! I praise God for possessions and maintenance. I praise God that He never leaves me nor forsakes me even though I fail Him often! Praise God. Thank The Lord! Bless The Lord O My Soul!! Hallelujah! Bless The Holy Name Of My Lord And Savior (And Eternal Father-Isaiah 9:6) Jesus Christ!!!

savedchristian316@live.com posted on 2/2/2013

i sent a prayer request a while ago for Baxter, Michael and Rob, who are all fighting cancer: So Far, here's the blessings! - Baxter's doctors have found that the lump is gone, the pain is gone, and they find no evidence of cancer in that area of his body! - Michael's heart, which they needed to fix surgically first before doing the cancer surgery - it was found that all his arteries were clear, and before they told him he had at least 3 arteries almost totally clogged. - Please keep on praying!!

praise report posted on 2/2/2013

Thank you all for praying for Eric. He was the man in his 30's with kidney problems, and he had a heart attack. ( he is the Dad of a son age 5 )

just told me he was in full arrest, zapped him 3 timesů put him in artic shock and slowly back, he woke up Tuesday night, it's a miracle he's alive the Dr's are saying !!!

Let's pray to our Lord God for a FULL healing for Eric.

praise report posted on 2/2/2013

The journeys went great and we got to rent this nice house! Hallelujah, Abba Father, for Your protection and guiding in this matter....You are faithful!

praise report posted on 2/1/2013

Praise God all my tests and bloodwork came back healthy!!! Hallelujah!! Glory to God what a miracle! His Word beat the Drs diagnosis and she was wrong!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!! He has also healed my relationship with my fiancÚ again.

praise report posted on 1/30/2013

I praise and thank God because I know if it were not for Him that I would not be here. I thank God for helping me through my high blood pressure and breathing problems. I thank God for showing me His Grace even when it seems like I'm being buffeted (2 Corinthians 12:1-15). I praise God because He always provides for me. I praise and thank God for His mighty protections. I praise and thank God because He sees all things and is the Rewarder of all who seek Him and His Holy Presence. God I thank and praise you this day and very moment. You Are Wonderful O God. There Is No One Like You. We Praise You Jesus Christ. You Are Our King!!! Hallelujah!!!

reachingouttoany@live.com posted on 1/30/2013

I want to thank everyone for praying for my friend Sabrina. She was the one who slipped on the ice and injured her knee.

She said that her knee is much better now. Thank you all for praying.

Her friend

praise report posted on 1/29/2013

I want to thank you to st. Expedite,st. Gabriel, st. Edwiges, st. Jude, our lady of Fatima, lady of aparecida, lady of impossible, st. Rita of cascia and all saints and and angels in heaven for interceding for me in my difficult time I praise The Lord and his beloved son Jesus Christ. I will keep devoted and praying till my answer for financial breakthrough will be answered . May god bless us all

praise report posted on 1/28/2013

Hallelujah! I'm fine in my back and body again....thank You Jesus for Your deep wounds!

praise report posted on 1/28/2013

I'm very greatful to god for calming down my anxiety, especially because it was extremely bad earlier! I'm greatful for those who prayed for me.

alpha.meerkat@gmail.com posted on 1/27/2013

My stolen car was recoverd I pray that the damage will not be too bad

praise report posted on 1/26/2013

I posted this prayer request yesterday. This morning, praise God, there was a break through. Here is the request i posted yesterday: "Pray that God heals the hurts and wounds in my family. Pray that all hearts are softened and that God's grace supersedes the enemy's walls that are keeping us at a distance from each other. Pray that we draw near to Him and allow Him to work in each of our hearts. Thank you and God bless you."

bboppitybop@yahoo.com posted on 1/24/2013

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