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Sunday, July 21, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6012379 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Prais-ing God for His authority in my life. And he is the God of surprises in love.

praise report posted on 7/7/2008

Who the Son has set free is free indeed

praise report posted on 7/6/2008

I rec'd a raise at work, thank you for your prayers. Also my brother will be released in Dec 08 which is less than 6 mos. Thank you!

praise report posted on 7/5/2008

Thank God and to al who prayed for sally and christian he called me today!!!!!!!!!!!! and he's great thank you please continue to pray for our restoration.

praise report posted on 7/5/2008

I have prayed for my daughter, Merrianne, for 14 years that she would be delivered from drug addiction. I have had much prayful support. She has been drug free for 7 months now and she is walking close to the Lord. I am so happy!

praise report posted on 7/5/2008

Thank you so very, very much for providing this site and for all your prayers! Since entering my initial prayer request, my life has turned around for the better - house out of foreclosure, possible full-time job, met a wonderful man and prayed for so many people like myself that are just trying to survive in this world. I am most grateful!!

praise report posted on 7/5/2008

I ask for your prayers, Tuesday July 1,for my sons job had been terminated because of budget cuts.Well,praise God,soon after my request was posted,he got a call to report back to work Wednesday morning,as they had decided to that he could work on.Thank you for your prayers.

praise report posted on 7/4/2008

Praise and thank the Lord and all you dear ones who have been praying. Both my children passed their final exams and did well too. All glory to Jesus.

praise report posted on 7/4/2008

Lord Jesus, thank You so much for all the blessings You have given unto us. Especially to my father, You've blessed him with such abundance of blessings, like bonus salary this month of July. Thank You sooo much for everything Lord. I am forever grateful to You. Thank You for changing me, i know I've changed with Your help. We love You Lord. All the PRAISE, GLORY and HONOR be unto You. You are worthy of all our PRAISES! ♥Cla!re♥

clairestjoseph_apit@yahoo.com posted on 7/3/2008

This a praise report to keep those who are praying faithful for their miracles. OUR GOD is a god that is faithful in the small and the big. I had been suffering chronic neck and back pain for almost 10 years. My shoulder kept dislocating out of it's place and each morning i woke and slept in agony. Last night i heard a message by pastor Jenetzen Franklin which told me to be open to a miracle. I had prayed for my pain to be healed before but in reality i didn't ever believe it would happen. But this time i prayed a prayer and i told God i was open and i was ready for his holy spirit to move through me. Today i wake up with no pain for the first time in so many years. I can move my neck and arm in all directions i am so happy PRAISE THE LORD FOR ALL HE HAS DONE. If you believe for miracle be open. Because our God will only give a miracle to those who are willing to recieve one. AMEN

praise report posted on 7/2/2008

Thank you very much for praying for me. I worried if I would successfully complete two classes. With the help of Jesus I got a good and an excellent grades! Praise The Lord!

praise report posted on 7/2/2008

God is so good! I am living in the blessings of the Lord. May the holy name of Jesus Christ be praised forever! He has set me free from my depression and hopelessness, and given me a hope and a future. I will praise his name forever. This whole world is filled with his glory! If you are facing a trial, know that God is WITH you if you are in his will. He will guide you out of your situation. Prayer works. I am naturally pretty cautious when using the words "miracle", but it is the difference between NIGHT and DAY once his blessings are poured out form heaven. Praise God!

praise report posted on 7/2/2008

Thank you so very, very much for your prayers! God heard them and my friend's sister was found alive and well living in her car a few miles from here. The family was reunited this morning and Bonnie is now safe and hopeful for the future. May God bless you and your families with His grace!

praise report posted on 7/1/2008

Thank you Lord for helping PTR and family. A lot of people were against PTR from retiring from his job and concentrating on doing his ministry work full time because they have 4 kids. People were wondering how he can provide for his kids now that he has retired and the retirement pay was very low.

But Jesus blessed him and his family. Since the company he was working for added more benefits in all retirement package and his retirement pay has doubled. And the woman who has a debt from him a very long time ago has been reached and will pay him already. He never expected for this woman to pay him back anymore, so it was really a miracle.

God has indeed blessed him and continues to provide for his needs. Just have faith and God will bless you and miracles can happen.

praise report posted on 6/30/2008

Praise God for Phil and Suzanne. Bless them dear Lord.

praise report posted on 6/29/2008

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Page 65 of 74

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