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Sunday, July 21, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6012379 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Praise the Lord
A few months ago I requested healing of a spot on my nose well GOD HEALED ME!!!!!! Thanks to all you Prayer Warriors

praise report posted on 8/13/2008

Please agree with me that the court case against me will be dropped and I will not have to pay a fine or take out the SR 22 insurance and I will get my driver license back soon. Also, I am believing God for finances to pay bills and to become debt free. I know God change the impossibile to the possible.

praise report posted on 8/9/2008

Praise God, the results from my 24 hour blood pressure test were all normal and so far I am having no problem with the new medicine for my jerking legs. Last night I slept through the night with no jerking legs keeping me up for the first time in a long time!

praise report posted on 8/8/2008

Praise God! My dr. was very sympathetic to my medication needs & helped me! Thank you, God for answering my prayers, Amen.

praise report posted on 8/4/2008

My pryr was to have restoration to a broken marriage-My husband Bob returned home and we are scheduled to renew our vows this Friday, the obstacles that we're in the way have been removed! The Lord has truly performed a Miracle in our household. The kids and I are so happy! All Glory to the God of restoration through Jesus Christ! Please pray that our finances will be enough to cover all the needs for our special day. Thank you for the prayer of Agreement! God is faithful to perform his word!!!!!

praise report posted on 8/4/2008

I would like to report that almost as soon as I posted the request for my sons to be delivered from internet porn,one son immediately repented and wants to pull the modem,they live together,so I have asked that the other repents as well God Bless you all I continue to pray for you all
YES PRAYER WORKS!Thank you Father!

praise report posted on 8/4/2008

Praise God!!! And thank you for lifting me up in prayer. After almost a year of being out of full-time work I received a job a few months ago and was able to get a new apartment for me and my daughter. One bigger than the one we had before!!! God is always right on time. I moved out of the apartment I was losing into a new larger one on one day , and the very next day, I started my new job. God is so awesome!!!

praise report posted on 8/3/2008

Praise and thanks to my Jesus that I passed my university exams

praise report posted on 8/3/2008

Thank you God for all your many blessings- a family, a home, vehicles, buisnesses, friends, relatives, parents, in-laws, pets, food, the Word of the Bible, everyone i've ever met-Thank you, God, Amen!

praise report posted on 8/2/2008

God, please give me a future.

Show me what you have in store for me.
Show what is next for me. Give me your vision for my life.

Help me to succeed in the goals that you have laid out for me.

Give me hope that I have a good future ahead me. Help me to see that I am not always going to be lonely and broke and in need of help all the time.

Show me that all the hard work I have done will pay off someday.

Let me see that my child and me will be safe and sound in the future.

Show me if you have someone planned for my future, if not let me that I will
be alone and able to handle it.


praise report posted on 8/2/2008




praise report posted on 8/1/2008

thank you to everyone who prayed for my unborn baby and me on july 16 i was induced and i was worried she was to small and unhealthy because that is what the docter had told me and it was possible that i would have to have a c section at 6:17pm i had a healthy beautiful baby girl 18 inches long and 5 .06 oz and i didnt need a c section though i almost had to have one i had a episiotomy now me and my baby are doing very well she is now 19 and 1/4 in and weighs 5 lbs 8.2 oz and is growing like a weed thank you so much and may god bless you

whitneyandjay@yahoo.com posted on 7/30/2008

Thank you all who prayed with me. I asked for prayer for my mom Ester who is battling liver cancer, she went for her ct scan and it showed that the cancer is still shrinking. please continue to pray for her. thank you jesus. god bless each and everyone of you. debbie

praise report posted on 7/27/2008

Thank you Lord that i am healthy and able to live a normal life. Thank you Lord. Only you know but i am grateful to you. what shall i render to you for all your benefits towrds me?

praise report posted on 7/27/2008

Please agree in prayer with me for a financial blessing and that a legal matter against me will be dropped and I do not have to go to court or pay a fine.

praise report posted on 7/26/2008

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