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~~ Revs David and Dolores

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Sunday, July 21, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6012379 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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pray that God will deliver temetrius from drugs and mental illness. he currently lives on the street and doesn't blame himself for his situation. he's not doing well and it scares me everyday to wondering if he's ok. pray for him saints. in jesus name

praise report posted on 4/20/2013

Thank you Father for providing me with a good job and avoiding unemployment. I prayed for you to help me find a new job quickly after I was laid off to support my family and I, and YOU DELIVERED! I love you God. Thank you.

praise report posted on 4/19/2013

Thank You God for a safe vacation and peaceful time, You blessed me and do so much, I praise You

praise report posted on 4/19/2013

Thank you Abba Father for showing your presence with us by signs and wonders. May your name be gloried and magnified through us by thy Holy Spirit. ALLELUIA !

praise report posted on 4/18/2013

I thank and praise God that my mother's operation went well. May God continual to bless my family. Praise God!

gat.cole@yahoo.com posted on 4/17/2013

I praise God because I was food shopping early morning (half asleep) and the Holy Spirit made sure I purchased everything I planned on buying. I was in one food isle when the Holy Spirit said, "you need a can opener" when I looked up the can openers were right there on the shelf! Also as I approached the cashier the store announcement reminded shoppers that they could purchase postal stamps at the cashier line. Praise God! I would have forgotten to get those stamps! I praise God because He has provided for me in this way and many other ways for many decades. Praise God for His Faithfulness and Goodness even though I don't deserve it. Praise God for His Grace and Undeserved Kindness. Praise God For His Love! Hallelujah!

gat.cole@yahoo.com posted on 4/14/2013

Thank you for professional and financial prosperity. Thank you for prosperity, success and prosperity for John at work.

praise report posted on 4/13/2013

I posted here a couple of days ago, that I have not worked for almost 3 years and was so depressed, even though I love the Lord, I felt quite helpless. My electric was to be turned off,etc... so many things going wrong for so long. Well Praise God~some people prayed and the next thing you know I was offered a job within walking distance!(I have no car, no public transportation here!)This is a very rural place.Only a couple jobs available in this town!!!!Next a neighbor said please let me pay enough of your electric bill to keep your power on!Praise you Jesus!I have prayed for others here and will continue to do so. I just wanted to testify. God is amazing somehow he has kept me fed through almost three years of unemployment and when I was unable to bear another moment he was there...PRAISE HIM EVERY DAY...

praise report posted on 4/12/2013

I praise and thank God for the Great Deliverance He has given me. I'm now able to be responsible and help others. Praise God! I thank God for His protections, healings, deliverances and grace upon me and my family. Praise God!

gatproductions@yahoo.com posted on 4/11/2013

Thank you God the Holy Trinity for showing thy presence with us by signs and wonders ,true to your promise. We magnify thy name and give glory to the creator of this universe. Please use us as thy servants on earth by the power of thy Holy Spirit. Amen and Alleluia !

praise report posted on 4/6/2013

i praise and thank God because although the finances have not arrived yet i'm still provided for. i praise and thank God because i may have finally found a Biblically sound Church. i thank and praise God that an attempt to shut down my ministry was foiled. i praise and thank God for blessing me with this minstry. i thank and praise God for replacing my intellect with Holy Spirit guidance. i thank and praise God for His Light in my darkness. I thank and praise God for the wonderful smile of my friend. Thank-you God For Sustaining Me! Amen!

gat.cole@yahoo.com posted on 4/4/2013

Praise God. Was having hard time, cause hadn't heard from my old friend for a bit. It was hurting my feelings. This morning, early,like around 7:30a.m., got a call from him..praise God :)Thank you for all the prayers.. God is good. :)

praise report posted on 4/2/2013

praise the lord my sister is safe and is coming home thank you all for your prayers .lord bless you all and i pray lord whomever needs prayer that you bless everyone with your amazing grace amen

juanittafisher@gmail.com posted on 4/1/2013

I asked for prayer that I would be accepted to be a volunteer at the hospital. I got called that I was accepted. I now am believing that it will turn into a paid position as our family needs the money.

praise report posted on 3/29/2013

praise God, i prayed for almost a year that god would heal my heart and bring peace between a friend and myself named jenny and he did. she is doing fine and was glad to hear from me. the lord did a miracle on so many levels. God is faithful amen! thank you for all your prayers who prayed for me on this site and those who wernt on this site. may the lord answer your prayers speedily and faithfuly

praise report posted on 3/29/2013

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Page 6 of 74

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