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~~ Revs David and Dolores

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Sunday, July 21, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6012379 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Praise Reports Page
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Glory to God my highest praise to Him alone,my great thanks to Him I passed the exam and glory to Him for helping me during the time of our examination,although the processing of our papers not the end after the exam but then this is a very big help to me and my continue believing with faith that He will continue to bless me and guide me to get the desire of my heart,thank you so much to the warriors for praying me, in Jesus name.Amen

praise report posted on 8/4/2009

I just got the email that you prayed for me and the answer was on the way and I am praising God for my coming healing.

God bless you richly for providing such a sacrificial gift. May the Lord's
joy be filled by you act of service

praise report posted on 8/3/2009

I want to give a praise report and THANK the almighty,and every one that has prayed for me and my situation.

Paul and I had several good days together, My mom and I got closer for a minute which I am very thankful for. I am thankful that Raine's injury wasn't worse than what it was. I am thankful for the meals the lord is providing. I am thankful that the lord has kept me in the home I am in. I thank him for providing for me. I especially thank him for having Paul's court case dropped. I am thankful that Sarah and I are speaking again.
I have ALOT of Praise!!!!

praise report posted on 8/3/2009

Thank you Father,Jesus,Holy Spirit for your miracle in my life as I got the new job. Father be with me and progress me in my new job in Jesus Christ's name the Saviour of all (amen). Thanks to all who prayed for me

praise report posted on 8/3/2009

we get so wrapped up in the turmoil that we forget the everyday blessings. Lord thank you 4 ice, being able to use the toilet the air we breathe all that we take 4 granted & the difficulties . after all it gives you the opportunity to deliver as you promise . we get all fired up @ a stupid sports game! when is the last time you cheered 4 Jesus ? PLEASE KEEP PRAYING 4 US?

sparks4299@aol.com posted on 8/1/2009

Thank you God for supplying all of my needs, and answering my prayers. Thank God for Jesus.

praise report posted on 8/1/2009

I wrote in a prayer request earlier tonight around eleven pm and Praise the Lord Jesus he has resolved the stomach upset and the headache.Thank you all so much for your prayers for me. I still need prayer for my teeth but I need to trust the Lord that He will resolve this too. Thank you !

GreenMtnLady@gmail.com posted on 7/31/2009

I want to say thank you Jesus and to all the people that have prayed for me on this website. I am receiving the financial anointment that I have been requesting. I am truly thankful and bless to be receiving it. Let me tell you I know everyone is going through a situation but please hold on God is on the way. Please praise him through the good and the bad times. I am a true witness God does hear your cry! Don’t give up and keep the faith. Thanks again!

godfavor2009@yahoo.com posted on 7/30/2009

Last week I asked you all to pray for me by God's grace and mercy I got my driving license, and I have gone ahead in booking for a new car.
God is good all the time
Praise the Lord
Jesus is lord of Lords

praise report posted on 7/30/2009

the lord move on my brother to pay my electric bill and my cable, internet, phone for 1 month and im trusting the lord to give me a job so i can pay these bills next month! and catch me up with my car payment and the rest of my bills and lift me out of poverty.

Thank you for your prayers and keep praying for my precious son, and he is autistic and very distressed about being away from home and me and in state custody. He has been neglected and abused while there. Pray that the lord will give him peace and return him back home.

May god bless you!

praise report posted on 7/29/2009

Thank you Lord God in advance for what you are about to do for me, and where you are about to take me in life. I dont understand all but i know you have a plan and youve already worked it out. Thank you God Bless your name Hallelujah! Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

praise report posted on 7/29/2009

Thank God for Jesus!! Amen, Halleluah glory be to God. The Lord is good!

praise report posted on 7/26/2009

I asked for prayer for a freind called Susan Child. She is an authoress. Her condition was very grave. She has had a cancerous brain tumour for some time. She had lost the use of one hand and bought a special typing machine. She collapsed at home and went unconscious and lost the full use of her left arm it was like a dead weigtt. She asked for prayer. Later she had laser surgery and now has full use of l hand and arm. i believe it is a miracle Thank you and thank you Gd

praise report posted on 7/26/2009

i got a car today thank you all for praying for me god is good God Bless you all

brotherlangford@gmail.com posted on 7/24/2009

i thank you heavenly Father for healing all my illnesses and for removing all the pains from my body. thank you Father in Jesus' name, amen.

praise report posted on 7/22/2009

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