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~~ Revs David and Dolores

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Sunday, July 21, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6012379 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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PRAISE YOU HEAVENLY FATHER! My mammogram was clear, after having breast cancer symptoms! In the same day we got a yes on the house we wanted, and desperately needed!! Our God is an awesome God! Trust in Him and Him alone. He held my hand in the dark, which led me to trust and rely only on Him! AMEN

praise report posted on 3/15/2010

I want to thank God and for all that have prayed, I am exempted from taking the final exam. To God be the glory :)

praise report posted on 3/11/2010

I have been searching for a job for almost 5 months, and was really starting to lose hope and a few days ago, I submitted a prayer request here, asking for my fellow prayer warriors to pray that I finally get a job. I had a really good interview a few days ago and a 2nd interview today. Well, thank god, I did get offered a position. Thank you Jesus! Thank you to those who prayed for me. God Bless You all!

praise report posted on 3/10/2010

Thank you so much for your prayers. A couple months ago I asked for prayer for an internship that I needed to graduate this semester and a job and I have them both now. I appreciate everyone's prayers. God is Great Always! My prayers might not get answered in the way I thought they would be answered but God always come through.

praise report posted on 3/9/2010

Thank you all for praying for me. I have been blessed with the illness of my father being lifted. He has been in the hospital for a month in a 1/2 with a serious illness but thanks to all the prayers he is doing much better. He's getting a little stronger every day. He may be going home from the hospital today with home health care coming in to work with him 3 days a wk. to help him get stronger so I pray that he continues to do so and that he don't have any setbacks. I praise God so very much, he is always with me and I Love him very much!

praise report posted on 3/8/2010

Thank you all for praying for me...I met with my sponsor Nick today and we got on our knees and said this prayer (God I offer myself to you to build with me and to do with me as thou wilt. take away my difficulties that victory over them may bear witness to those I would help of your love you power and your way of life...may I do thy will always.) after I experessed my sincer desier to let God have the medication situation and my bipolar treatment...to have all of me and not try to play god or manager anymore with these things...I felt the presence of God and his peace so strongly like I had given up so much that I no longer need to carry....It was a noticiable difference. I was suprised and had the peace of John 14 as Jesus gives.

crbtt_mrk@yahoo.com posted on 3/3/2010

I praise the Lord God that I am 66 years old today....my birthday. I have been blessed this many years and God is blessing me now. He answers my prayers and keeps me safe, along with my little animal friends, my sister, and my husband and my life and friends.
I praise Him and all His goodness, He is always with me and my "BEST FRIEND".
God, show me how I can serve you better in my life, which you have given me.
Thank you for your goodness....I love you!

grostoe@hotmail.com posted on 3/3/2010

After getting some tests done the Dr called me in about my results. I asked God for it to be something small that would be healed with pills, and it was!!! Amein amein amein!!!

praise report posted on 3/3/2010

Thank you! My prayers have been answered!

praise report posted on 3/2/2010

I passed my biochemical engineering exam. I summited almost a blank sheet during the exam.
God has turn my mourning into dancing. His word will not depart from my mouth.

praise report posted on 3/2/2010

A few weeks ago, my child was in a head-on collision. The car smashed and totaled. When I received the calls, I immediately reached out to YOU to pray that she doesn't die and that there is no internal bleeding. I was 4 states away in a blizzard and couldn't get to be with her. All I could do was pray! I am blessed to say that she didn't suffer from internal bleeding. While I was getting feedback from your prayers, she was still with doctors. She walked away with only bruises, a burn and although her chest hit the window. She is alive! Thank-you Jesus

plsbpatienthere@aol.com posted on 2/26/2010

The baby I asked you to help pray for is healed. There is no tumor on her brain any more and docter told her mom she can go home. There is nothing wrong with her. The mother couldn't believe it. She was living for so long in fear it was difficult for her to accept her baby's healing. Somebody donated a house in the baby's name and she is released from hospital. Thanks to God. Miracles do happen to-day.

praise report posted on 2/26/2010

Dear Friends, This is to praise our Lord and savior Jesus Christ as he has done miracle in my life. I had entered prayer request in this site several times for getting a good job in Bahrain. I got a good job in Bahrain as an Executive secretary even in the midst of recession. Nothing i can boast, but only by God's grace and love.Thank you friends for praying and continue to pray for me as the job is a very responsible. Pray that God would grant his wisdom and strength upon me so that I could do this job in a perfect manner.Halleluah!!! Varughese

praise report posted on 2/23/2010

Thank GOD for the great progress that I've seen in my health... Thank You, Allejuhah.. Keep praying for total healing for me and my brother Marc..

praise report posted on 2/21/2010

Thank you all for praying for me. In
minutes, my prayer was answered. The bracelet my mother gave me was found in my purse....I never put it there....it was God putting it where I would find it! Thank you for all your help....but I owe all the miracle to
GOD......Thank you my heavenly Father.

grostoe@hotmail.com posted on 2/21/2010

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