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~~ Revs David and Dolores

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Monday, July 22, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6012379 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Thank you prayer warriors. I asked for prayer this morning for help for me at work in a difficult situation. I prayed for strength, wisdom and kindness but not to be pushed over or stepped on. Thank You Lord for listening and helping me through it and turning it out to be ever better than I could have imagined. Praise the Lord.

praise report posted on 9/16/2010

Thank you Father God! Thank You!

praise report posted on 9/16/2010

thank you prayer warriors for all the answered prayers thank you god for healing me of my nervous breakdown.

praise report posted on 9/15/2010

I know this doesn't seem luke a big deal to some but it's a huge deal to me and God, I couldn't sleep with the lights off my entire life only during a shirt time when I got saved I could. But then I backslid for the last 5 years and was sleeping with the light off again. God brought me to a place where I was destitue and couldn't stand the enemy kicking me around no more so I had Hold anger and I turned off all the lights this weekend and am now sleeping in the dark because He delivered me from fear. Oh Praise You Lord, I know it's just the beginning of a wonderful life again.

praise report posted on 9/14/2010

Praise the Lord with me, He has embarrassed me with monies when I am at the lowest. God is really great, thank You my Lord and God. Father, in the name of Jesus, perfect all that concerns me and the children You gave me to the glory of Your holy name, Thank you Almighty God. Thank you heavenly father.

praise report posted on 9/13/2010

I had no money this morning to get a replacement drivers license and college transcript for a job offer. Someone that owed me money just paid me. Thank you so much for praying with me. GOD had to put it on the persons heart to pay me today. This Monday is the last day I can submit the information.

praise report posted on 9/10/2010

Thank you Lord, for listening and answered my prayer. Not the answer I wanted, but I got answer :) Thanks for all that prayed for me.

praise report posted on 9/9/2010

Thank you for all your prayers, Jesus has answered prayer, have now got a permanent job. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them. Matthew 18:20

praise report posted on 9/6/2010

Praise the Lord for He has heard my prayer and yours. He has healed my weakened immune system, my skin and all these other symptoms from this disease I acquired 6 years ago. I haven't felt this strong in years, fols. Thank you, Jesus for your Love... If you have a need, no matter what it may be or how long it seems to be taking, Remember God is faithful and He is Able!

praise report posted on 9/5/2010

Thank You Lord Jesus! I listened to You and encouraged Norman to do the right thing with the tax check...he mailed it to the lawyer yesterday! Thank You Lord for taking care of this situation way better than I have been or could have done! I love You with all my heart and will be in Your presence all the days of my life!!

praise report posted on 8/31/2010

Thank and praise God for answered prayer.God is so good he is never too late.

praise report posted on 8/30/2010

Dear Lord God. Thanks and praise to you for all you have done in my life. While I realize that may sound a blanket prayer, I apologize. You have done so much and I have thenked you so little. My thanks too for Jesus and all you do in my life daily.

praise report posted on 8/29/2010

Thank you for praying for my relationship with my mother. I am now living in harmony with her again.

the.phantom.ghost.who.walks@gmail.com posted on 8/29/2010

Thank you Lord God for the continual works in my life. Thank you for your love and support and all of the wemon in my support group. Thank you God for the roof over my head the financial support you've made my husband pay. Thank you lord for opening my eyes to see your goodness and bringing me to see that all your works are good. Thank you God for shoeing me god that all of the attacks on my mind are easily pounded out by your good word. Thank you lord for giving me the daily streangth and motivation to learn your word through the bible and grow in you lord as I never have. Lord you have revealed to me the grace through forgivness and taught me to forgive things I never thought I could you've made me new. You've given me life ralizations of what a battlefield our minds can be with satans lies and shown me how to put on my armor of God and fight those attacks. God you've given me relationships with wonderful people I would have never reached out to through bible study. Lord you've given me every sign I've asked for in conformation to stand for my marraige and you've been my husband through this season while he's afar. God you've lifted me up when I'm down you've opened my eyes to see beauty beyond explanation in your works of nature. Lord you have explained in such a loving way the the right way to think speak and act that I have seen change in my life that I can only give credit to you lord God for doing. I am so blesses to be your child and have you as a Father God thank you. You turn my sorrow to flashers and my despair to joy. I love you God thank you

Mumstattoo@gmail.com posted on 8/28/2010

Praise Jesus for His healing touch on Janet!

praise report posted on 8/28/2010

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Page 34 of 74

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