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Thank You!
~~ Revs David and Dolores

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Sunday, July 21, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 6012379 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Last year I was seeking prayer for my sister-in-love she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and things did not look good for her. A few days after
Christ-mas we received GOOD NEWS from her physician Jenny is CANCER FREE!!!!!!!
Thank you for all your prayers!
God Is Good!!

praise report posted on 1/10/2011

Praise God above all! I have tons of thanks to send to God. My boyfriend is slowly returning to me. Thank-you dear Lord for hearing my prayer and helping to turn Brian's heart back to me. Dear Lord, please bless those who prayed for my situation. Their faith has helped us. Amen

praise report posted on 1/9/2011

Same as below; I can say the same! I see He cares and so there is no hope lost that cannot be Healed

praise report posted on 1/7/2011

I give thanks for all the people helping me and all the signs God sends me.

praise report posted on 1/6/2011

I graduated!! Thank you Lord!

praise report posted on 1/5/2011

God is always faithful! Bob’s Stepmom came through surgery and is resting well.

Thanks for your prayers!

praise report posted on 1/5/2011

Abba Father, We come to you in His name and thank thee for the power and authority vested in us and for showing your presence with us with signs and wonders. Also for showering us with your joy, health and peace. We place the matters that are very close to our hearts (salvation of our children and good Godly spouses for them) at thy feet. We believe in faith that you have heard us and granted our petitions (Mt 21:22). Amen.

praise report posted on 1/5/2011

Thank you to the person(s) that sent me a Xmas card with the $10 and $10 Taco Bell gift card. It arrived late, but I was glad anyway that anyone would send me a Xmas card. That allowed me to go on a small trip to Auburn, Ca. to spend the day with friends I had not seen in a long time. We were able to rent a movie, eat Taco Bell, and the family made me a substitute Xmas meal that I had missed. I had a fun time and we talked until 2 am in the morning!!! Thank you so much :)

praise report posted on 1/4/2011

2010/12/29 Praise God! Phil is home again & doing much better. Thank you all for your prayers.

praise report posted on 12/29/2010

My self -educating daughter -depressed,stressed angry with life and everything - came here for Christmas. The situation seemed to get out of hands and spoil the days. GOD helped - a miracle - we passed a wonderful Christmas -and she relaxed a little.

praise report posted on 12/28/2010

I just wanted to praise God for helping me in a time of need. He is amazing and he has anwsered my prayers in only a way that could move mountains. Praise God for his Son. Whenever I get sad I think of what he gave me and it helps brigthen the situation up.

lcrich@liberty.edu posted on 12/25/2010

I started to get a cold and feel worse and worse. I decided to rebuke my cold and claim healing in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I am happy to say that I instantly felt better and that in one day my cold is disappearing.

Thank you Jesus for my healing and keep those healings coming my way!!

praise report posted on 12/24/2010

prais God for helping me move to the apartment, its a very unsafe area Lord but I know you will protect me and lift me out of here in your timing, Thank you God for helping me find an affordable car and Thanl you for the prayer warriors prayers Lord when 2 or more agree it is down in heaven and in Earth! Lord I need your help obtaing the proper liscence for the car i need to drive to school since its so far and Lord please help my son Roberto return to me his mother in Jesus name I praise you I know you have everything under control I trust you Lord I praise you

praise report posted on 12/23/2010

well first of all i would like to thanks god for everythign he giving me and to all of you for prayign for me i ask to pray for i could get money to pay my rent guess wat i receive a check from one of my friend to pay my rent i ask a prayer fro i could get my foodstamp and guess wat i got my foodstamp and another one i pray fro i coul dalways pay my rent and guesswat my mother is moving in with me so now she ias going to pay my rent yay lov eya guys thnaks alot

yohelyperez@yahoo.com posted on 12/22/2010

Thanks for praying for me. God is helping me move mountains and my marriage is improving. God is awesome and can work miracles.

lcrich@liberty.edu posted on 12/18/2010

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