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~~ Revs David and Dolores

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Thursday, January 17, 2019
Prayer Warriors have offered 5997143 Prayers of Intercession Here.

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Please pray for Kamuel for a postive life turn around!

praise report posted on 3/26/2012

Praise God to the highest!!! I ask for prayer for my son Kam. He has just got a job and found excuses why he could not go but, Thank God he went today. Thank you for the prayers

praise report posted on 3/26/2012

Thank u 2everyone who prayed for my grandson Jake last night. We thought he was getting another migraine but is much better today, thanks so much!

praise report posted on 3/26/2012

I requested prayer for my dad on Saturday when he went to the hospital with high sugar level, swollen heart and blocked blood vessel. Praise God the sugar level went down and the doctors said sometimes the ecg reading is wrong and he was discharged from the hospital yesterday evening! Thank you God, it's been so hard for me since i'm in Sweden studying and my family are in Trinidad and I can't be there at times of crisis. But God is present, praise God!!! God Bless you prayer warriors for your prayers!

praise report posted on 3/20/2012

First and foremost I wish to give honor and praise to Jesus Christ (God) Who is the Lord and Savior of my life. I'm thanking Jesus Christ for the Undeserved Grace & Kindness which He gives. I want to thank and honor all prayers and caring Christians who care about and pray for others. I was scheduled for a job interview on Monday. Sunday was my Church's 27th year anniversary. I came home very tired and noticed my auto tire was very low. Praise God that it was still light outside. Usually the Sun goes down by 6:30PM in my area. God is Good and is in charge of everything! Praise God! I admit that Friday night I did momentarily drive up on a curb but the tire was fine Friday night and Saturday when I washed the car. I knew Satan was trying to interfere with my job interview. This isn't the first time he's attacked me coming back from my Church. I immediately filled the tire with air and began requesting prayer. I also prayed to God who knows I won't have repair money until after employment. God is Good! I checked the tire early Monday morning and the tire is still full with the air I put in it 12 hours ago! Praise God! I've learned one thing about God. He may let you go through trials and the valley of shadow, but He will never leave you and He's always on time in accord with His purpose or will for you! Praise God! Thank-you all for your prayers!

newinjesus@live.com posted on 3/19/2012

Thank You Jesus for helping me quit smoking today FOR GOOD! Thank You Lord for Your patience with me. Thank You for letting me see that people are good and all strive to do their best and be their best. Thank You Lord for keeping me quiet today. Thank You Lord for helping me make a list of things that need to be done, and getting them done. Thank You Lord for giving my husband 2 good jobs today. Thank You Lord for my husband, daughter, mother, father, sisters, in-laws, neighbors, friends, and a home, food, clothing, trucks, etc. Thank You Jesus, Amen! P.S. Thank You Jesus and prayer warriors for being SOOO patient with me! God bless! Amen.

praise report posted on 3/14/2012

The Lord gave me a special sign of His love on a day of remembrance. Thank you, Jesus!

praise report posted on 3/14/2012

Recently I posted a prayer request on here for my father who recently had to go get checked for prostrate cancer over an issue he was having. Fortunately, his exam came back with great news as he found out that it was nothing life-threatening.

praise report posted on 3/13/2012

Thank You God for all the jobs that came my husband's way today!

praise report posted on 3/7/2012

Last week I asked for prayer..this week my prayers were answered PRAISE THE LORD!!!THANK YOU!!!

praise report posted on 3/5/2012

Thank You God for keeping my family and myself protected, provided for, and blessed. Thank You God, Amen.

praise report posted on 3/5/2012

Thank Yo God for keeping my family and myself protected, provided for, and blessed. Thank You God, Amen.

praise report posted on 3/5/2012

I wanted to give GOD all the honor and glory. Just a couple of hours ago I put up a prayer request for my 8 year old son who is ill. His fever miraculous broke!!!! I am believing that he is well!!! Thank you to my prayer la family for your faithful prayers!!! I know I can always count on you!!! Blessings, Cheri

cheris3@sbcglobal.net posted on 2/29/2012

Thanks to God for His work in my marriage and my husband's attitudes! I don't know how He works, I just know HE does!!!

ks2kiwi@hotmail.com posted on 2/28/2012

Dear Lord Jesus, I just want to thank You for answering my prayers about my home. The mentally ill neighbours who have tormented me and damaged my home and property have finally left (may they be at peace in their minds and hearts). This situation was going on for nearly 2 years and stressed me greatly. Thank You Jesus. Jesus, I also want to thank You again and again and again for fully healing me by Your many miracles in 2006. You spoke to me. You sent the Holy Spirit to teach me in dreams and visions. You sent Your Messenger Angel to me in a dream through which You brought me into Your presence for a few seconds. Later You sent Your Holy Spirit to go through my body like fire and electricity. You healed me! Jesus is Lord.

praise report posted on 2/24/2012

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